Typical three bedroom living space

The revival
of craft


Created by Mim Design, the interiors at Munro House are a tactile revival of Art Deco grandeur. Each residence is a sensory haven in the heart of vibrant Elizabeth Bay, offering residents an illustrious retreat. Spaces are generously scaled, designed with fine natural materials such as timber, marble, granite and wool—curated to stand the test of time.

Dark and light scheme kitchen (Drag handle to compare colour scheme.)

Holistic and interrelated, Mim’s interiors create harmonious and inviting living spaces, showcasing exceptional design finishes and detailing. Highlights include large, bespoke kitchen islands, cosy work nooks and softly-curving TV units, conveying a sense of artisanal grandeur and wonder.

Entry nook leading into the bedrooms

Three bedroom master bathroom (Drag handle to compare colour scheme.)